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  • I will take you in a personal and private way for a while by car to the historic center of guadalajara from a gastronomic, cultural and historical perspectivelet me "snuggle" you along with your family and friends as if they were part of my familyall-inclusive

    read more about full day private food tour in guadalajara - https://wwwstarting with a typical breakfast of the region "la birria" and other typical dishes that we will enjoy together included in the cost, because the food of the place speaks from the heart and if we do not know what we eat, the culture of the place is not truly known, even the particular snacks of the city (also included) are unique and deliciousand what better than to close the tour with a wonderful digestif based on tequila, the 100% traditional drink made in one of the most emblematic municipalities of jalisco and of course available in the city in many establishments such as the typical canteenscom/tours/guadalajara/full-day-tapatio-private-gastronomic-tour/d5299-301501p2?localeswitch=1?mcid=56757

    Guadalajara (Jalisco)

    $ 2149

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